Load Bearing Wall Removal

With the trend of open concepts, many are turning to removing walls to create more space in their homes. Home owners want to connect living rooms to kitchens, and keep everything connected visually. We totally agree that this is a great concept and highly encourage everyone to try it if that’s what they desire. However, you need the right professionals to properly assess each wall and determine how to fix it especially if it’s load-bearing. The last thing you want to do is tear a wall down only to find out that you have affected the integrity of your home’s foundation.

Kitchen Renovations

Waking up in the morning to that amazing fresh coffee smell is the single most astonishing sensation you can have to begin the day. The next amazing sensation should be the sight of your kitchen, the center of the home that brings the family and guests together under one room. Just imagine having the perfect tiles to compliment natural wooden cabinets, an island table made with a beautiful granite top, and a perfect meal waiting for you. They say eating is a social experience, but it may be a little hard when everyone else is doing their own thing. Renovate your kitchen the right way, and you can bet everyone will come knocking to find out what’s next for dinner.

Basement Renovations

If you want to talk return on investment when it comes to renovations, let’s talk basements! With soaring home prices, one of the best ways to keep the monthly bills at bay is to renovate the basement so you can rent it away. It’s a great passive income that can give you an extra one to two thousand dollars per month on average in the GTA. If that’s not your plan, it’s all good. Basement renovations are also an effective way to improve the value of your home. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the vast amount of space underneath untouched. We find that this still occurs, and yet these same home owners wonder what they can do to improve their income.

Bathroom Renovations

Awful wallpapers, old vinyl tiles, and small sinks should not be seen in a bathroom anymore. Let’s face it, most of us spend quite a bit of time in this underestimated space taking showers, getting ready in the morning, thinking about life, etc. Ask almost anyone who visits a home or restaurant. The one thing that throws them off about the entire place more than anything else is a bathroom that has not been taken care of, let alone clean. Take that in for a moment. A bathroom is your chance to create a solid first impression for any visitor and you never want to mess that up. Take the time to think about how you want your bathroom to look – it’s time that we start working on it, sooner rather than later.

Rec Room Renovations

Some call it a recreational room while others may refer to it as a man/woman cave. Whatever you call it, this is the place to be when you want to chill, unwind, and do nothing productive (aka have fun). This can be in the basement as well as one of the rooms on the main floor. The goal is to make it as comfy and welcoming as possible, so it comes down to design and getting all the furnishing right. We have something to say about that because we’ve done a ton of these rooms for clients!

Safeway Tub Installations

These walk-in tubs are crucial to assist those with some physical impairment, advanced age, or injury. They are built with a wall-door that can be open and closed to allow the user to walk in and out seamlessly without the need to walk over the tub. Floors can be slippery when wet, so installing a Safeway tub helps reduce the risk of a fall to keep you and the family safe.

Wheel Chair Accessible Reno

Canada is a world leader when it comes to wheelchair accessibility, so hats off to our great nation! Now’s the time to become a part of that too. Those who must use a wheelchair to get around often have troubles getting into and out of a private residence. Creating wheelchair accessibility gives everyone the same chance to visit you. Of course, hoping that you never have to use a wheelchair yourself, it’s also a good thing to have just in case you need to use one in the future for a period of time.

Windows and Doors

We are experts when it comes to making your home more beautiful and comfortable to live in. When installing new windows and doors, we are serious about the quality of the product and finish to the installation. Having proper windows and doors with the appropriate insulation properties can help save you money and increase the value of your home. Call Cando Renovations and ask us about our services.

Plumbing Services

Did you know that world plumbing day was on March 11th? Neither did we, but that should never understate the importance of plumbing. It improves the sanitary situation in the home, saves on water and energy usage when done properly, and keeps everything in running order.

In Flooring Heating Installations

This form of central heating is becoming very popular and for a good reason. It’s an efficient way to heat the home! On top of that, you never have to shiver again when you need to take a little bathroom break in the middle of the night and have to tip-toe around. On top of its energy sustainability, you also improve the air quality of your home by negating the need for air heaters. This is especially important for those who must deal with allergens or are currently sick. Try out this affordable method of cleaning today, and you’ll never go back to what you had before!